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The Disappearance Enigma


Darrell Bain


Mary Ann Steele


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Mary Ann Steele has created a series of nine works of hard science fiction liberally laced with romance.
Read the books of the series in this order:

All nine of these books (four of which are two-volume novels, and one of which is a three-volume novel) are now available for purchase at Double Dragon, as e-Books and large-type paperbound books.

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Warrior-Woman: The Forging Of The Legend

Master Of Intrigue

Partnership of Equals

Birth of a New Breed: Genesis

Birth of a New Breed: Attainment

Trial By Fire: Survival

Trial By Fire: Final Reckoning

Dangerous Adversaries: Battle Joined

Dangerous Adversaries: No Turning Back

Dark Bargain

To Find, And Not To Yield: Calculated Risk

To Find, And Not To Yield: Daring Rewarded

Master Of My Fate: Ashes of Wrath.

Master Of My Fate: A Ship Takes Shape

Master Of My Fate: The Phoenix Rises


Over a fifteen-year-long span, Mary Ann Steele wrote these fifteen works of science fiction: books that form an ongoing saga of action, adventure and romance. Although each novel stands alone, she wrote the stories simultaneously, not sequentially, in a sustained burst of creative effort that bordered on obsession.

The personalities of the major characters grow in depth and complexity as the saga unfolds. Two mutually hostile worlds populated by the descendants of spacefaring, Earth-born, galactic pioneers form the setting. Minor characters in the earlier novels become the protagonists in several of the later books.

Although a wealth of research went into the creation of the imagined technology, the science remains muted. The stories focus on the interactions among a host of purely imaginary personalities living action-filled lives in a fictional, futuristic realm.

The author advises that the first eight novels in the series be read in the order in which they appear on the list. Since the characters in the three-volume novel do not appear in the other eight books, those three stories can be read first, if a reader so chooses. However, they should be read in the order given in the sidebar.


The talented graphic artist responsible for the cover art gracing both the e-book formats and the paperbound editions of these books, is Deron Douglas, Editor/Publisher of Double Dragon Publishing, Inc.